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              2019-11-15雙語語言笑話:985 Our Specials 我們的特色菜

              英語笑話985 Our Specials 我們的特色菜My wife and I run a small restaurant where we often name our specials after... [查看全文]

              2019-11-14雙語語言笑話:984 Free Zucchini 解放西葫蘆

              英語笑話984 Free Zucchini 解放西葫蘆After harvesting the usual bumper crop of squash, I took a half-dozen to the ... [查看全文]

              2019-11-13雙語語言笑話:983 Hominy? 玉米片粥嗎?

              英語笑話983 Hominy? 玉米片粥嗎?When a friend came to visit us from Philadelphia, it took him a while to get use... [查看全文]

              2019-11-13雙語語言笑話:982 Are you ambulatory? 你是能走動的嗎?

              英語笑話982 Are you ambulatory? 你是能走動的嗎?The phone by my hospital bedside was driving me crazy. Every hour ... [查看全文]

              2019-11-12雙語語言笑話:981 Lisa knows karaoke 麗莎會唱卡拉OK

              英語笑話981 Lisa knows karaoke 麗莎會唱卡拉OKOne evening as the manager was leaving, I expressed my concern to him... [查看全文]

              2019-11-12雙語語言笑話:980 Fitzwater is not water Fitzwater 不是一種飲料

              英語笑話980 Fitzwater is not water Fitzwater 不是一種飲料My wife and I were having lunch at a fashionable eatery ... [查看全文]

              2019-11-12雙語語言笑話:979 I'm in my first trimester 我是在懷孕三個階段的第一階段

              英語笑話979 I'm in my first trimester 我是在懷孕三個階段的第一階段Pregnant with my third child, I was stricken with... [查看全文]

              2019-11-11雙語語言笑話:978 What genre? 什么文學題材?

              英語笑話978 What genre? 什么文學題材?While I was checking my e-mail, an instant message popped up on my screen, ... [查看全文]

              2019-11-11雙語語言笑話:977 Crow and Raven 烏鴉和渡鴉

              英語笑話977 Crow and Raven 烏鴉和渡鴉During a hike with my friend I noticed a black bird roosting in a nearby t... [查看全文]

              2019-11-11雙語語言笑話:976 Reserve 保留,預備役

              英語笑話976 Reserve 保留,預備役Reservists like myself always had a hard time parking on base, as most spaces were... [查看全文]