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              California says 'no' to animal fur


              California will be the first state to ban the sale and manufacture of new fur products.



              Some California cities already had bans in place, but now new fur sales and manufacturing will be illegal statewide by 2023. (Photo: ChiccoDodiFC/Shutterstock)

              Under the legislation, signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, it will be illegal to manufacture, sell or donate new fur products. The law applies to clothing, shoes, handbags and other items that contain fur. It goes into effect Jan. 1, 2023.

              根據州長加文·紐森(Gavin Newsom)簽署的法案,制造、銷售或捐贈新的毛皮產品將是非法的。該法律適用于服裝、鞋子、手袋和其他含有毛皮的物品。該法案將于2023年1月1日生效。

              The law — known as AB 44 — exempts leather, cowhide and shearling, as well as used fur and taxidermy products. Fur products used for religious purposes or by a Native American tribe are also exempt, as is fur taken legally with a hunting license.

              這項被稱為AB 44的法律免除了皮革、牛皮和羊毛,以及使用過的毛皮和動物標本制品。用于宗教目的或美國土著部落的毛皮制品也不受此限制,就像持有合法狩獵許可證的毛皮制品一樣。

              Fur products used for religious purposes or by Native American tribes are also exempt, and fur lawfully taken with a hunting license is still allowed. There is a penalty up to $1,000 for violations.


              While the ban has been praised by animal rights groups, the Fur Information Council has threatened to sue, reports USA Today.


              California's fur legislation was one of several bills Newsom signed designed to prevent cruelty to animals. One banned the use of wild animals like elephants and bears in circuses, another protected horses from slaughter, and another prohibits trapping, hunting or killing bobcats.


              “California is a leader when it comes to animal welfare and today that leadership includes banning the sale of fur,” said Newsom in a news release. “But we are doing more than that. We are making a statement to the world that beautiful wild animals like bears and tigers have no place on trapeze wires or jumping through flames.”


              Following city-wide bans



              Animal rights groups hold an anti-fur demonstration urging shoppers to stop buying fur-related products in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

              Before the statewide ban, several cities in California had similar laws already in place.


              San Francisco was the largest U.S. city to ban coats, gloves, keychains and anything else covered or decorated in fur. City supervisors voted unanimously in 2018 to ban the sale of fur. Although the ban went into effect Jan. 1, 2019, retailers have until Jan. 1, 2020 to sell the rest of their inventory.


              The legislation states that, "the sale of fur products in San Francisco is inconsistent with the City’s ethos of treating all living beings, humans and animals alike, with kindness."


              Two other California cities, West Hollywood and Berkeley, had already banned fur sales. A third, Los Angeles, introduced similar legislation that goes into effect in 2021, making it illegal to sell, manufacture or trade fur clothing and accessories such as coats, handbags and key chains within the city limits, reports The Los Angeles Times. There are several exemptions including used furs, taxidermy and pelts from animals that were taken legally with a hunting license.


              Both sides weigh in



              The Humane Society says that more communities are expected to follow California's lead. (Photo: Gallinago_media/Shutterstock)

              Not surprisingly, animal rights activists were ecstatic with the vote.


              "The signing of AB 44 underscores the point that today’s consumers simply don’t want wild animals to suffer extreme pain and fear for the sake of fashion," said Kitty Block, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States and president of Humane Society International, in a press release. "More cities, states and countries are expected to follow California’s lead, and the few brands and retailers that still sell fur will no doubt take a closer look at innovative alternatives that don’t involve animal cruelty."


              Not everyone, however, was thrilled with the ban.


              The ban is part of a "radical vegan agenda using fur as the first step to other bans on what we wear and eat," spokesman Keith Kaplan of the fur information council said in a prior statement, according to NBC News. He said fake fur is not a renewable or sustainable option.

              據美國全國廣播公司(NBC News)報道,美國毛皮信息委員會(fur information council)發言人凱斯·卡普蘭(Keith Kaplan)在此前的一份聲明中表示,這一禁令是“以毛皮為第一步的激進素食議程”的一部分。他說,人造毛皮既不是可再生的,也不是可持續的選擇。

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