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              Todd: Hello, Matt! 你好,馬特!

              Matt: Hello, Todd! 你好,托德!

              Todd: Matt, I'm going to ask you some questions about pet. (OK!) First question, do you have a pet? 馬特,我將會問你幾個關于寵物的問題。(好的!)第一個問題,你養寵物嗎?

              Matt: Yes, in fact, my mom's house we have three, three pets; two dogs and a cat. My family actually raises dogs for helping blind people. 是的,事實上,在我媽媽的房子里,我們養了三只寵物,兩只狗和一只貓。我家培養的是能幫助盲人的導盲犬。

              Todd: Oh, really! 哦,真的嗎!

              Matt: Yeah, yeah, yeah. 是的。

              Todd: Wow, like how do they train the dogs? 哇,那么怎么訓練導盲犬呢?

              Matt: How do they train the dogs? Well, I mean, it's a long process, right...we get them when they're puppies.....and so we train them basic...you know, sit, come... really basic things...then, after they're about two year old, they go a different training school. 如何訓練導盲犬?這其實是一個長期的過程。我們會帶回來出生不久的幼犬。接著訓練小狗基本功,比如坐下,過來這些很基本的東西。然后,等到它們兩歲大,我們會送它去一家培訓學校。

              Todd: Oh, wow , that's great! 哇,太棒了!

              Matt: Yeah, yeah! 是的。

              Todd: Well, how many dogs do they train at a time? 一次訓練幾只導盲犬呢?

              Matt: Oh, just one! We have our own dog, and then we have a dog that we have that we are training. 只有一只!我們自己養只狗,還有一只訓練中的導盲犬。

              Todd: Oh, OK. 好的。

              Matt: Yeah, just one dog at a time. 一次只訓練一只。 Todd: Do you ever see the dogs you trained, like out on the street, or anything? 你有沒有偶遇自己訓練過的導盲犬,例如在街上,有沒有類似的重聚?

              Matt: Sometimes we'll see them, they'll have like sort of conventions of reunions of the pets so, yeah, you get to see them once in awhile. 有時候我會看到它們,導盲犬和訓練人相聚是約定俗成的的慣例,訓練人偶爾可以看它們。 Todd: Oh, wow, that's cool. Um, why do people keep pets? 哇,太酷了。那么人們為什么要養寵物?

              Matt: I guess the most important thing is companionship, right! So there is always somebody there for you that will like you no matter what. 我想最重要的一個原因就是寵物對主人的陪伴!無論如何,寵物總會圍繞在主人身邊,不問原因地喜愛自己的主人。

              Todd: Yeah, that's true. OK, besides cats, dogs, and fish, what are some other pets people keep? 是的,確實如此。那么除了貓,狗和魚,人們還養什么寵物?

              Matt: Well, I guess if you are Sigfreid and Roy you can keep a tiger or lion. I guess all types of things don't they. 我想如果你是馴獸師Sigreid和Roy,也許你能養一只老虎或獅子。我想各種動物都能成為人類的寵物。

              Todd: Yeah. 是的。

              Matt: I mean, my friend has a snake....I don't know if you mention that: snake and ferrets and insects, spiders... 我的一位朋友就養了一條蛇。我忘了你是否提到過,蛇,雪貂,昆蟲,蜘蛛都可以成為人類的寵物。

              Todd: OK. 好的。

              Matt: All kinds of things. 各種動物。

              Todd: All right, yeah, like there is so many. What are some costs associated with keeping a pet? 好的,養一只寵物所需的花費是多少呢?

              Matt: Food is probably the biggest cost, but also if you keep the dog, particularly a dog in your house, when they are puppies, and we have a lot of puppies they'll chew up everything they can so we're constantly replacing shoes and, you know, cleaning up pee from the carpet and things like that..so.. it can be a hassle. 食物也許是最大的開銷,但如果你養的是狗,尤其是小狗,你把它放在屋里,我們曾經就把許多小狗放到屋里,它們會把屋里能咬的東西都咬了,因此我們老得換新鞋,而且還得清理地攤上的尿痕等,這些也很麻煩。

              Todd: Yeah, OK. Thanks a lot, and by the way, where are you from? 好的。十分謝謝,順便一提,你來自哪里?

              Matt: I'm from the U.S.A., from Minnesota. 我來自美國,明尼蘇達州。

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